I worked with Jan to review the direction in which I wanted to take my business. Our discussions were stimulating; Jan helped me bring clarity to how I want my business to develop and where I should be improving my marketing efforts. She had plenty of ideas and incorporated all her recommendations into a contact report listing the action points for me to work on. This was promptly provided and really helpful.
Cass, Image Consultant
Jan is great to work with; very personable, reassuring and well researched. She had looked into every area of my business in advance of our Business Buddy session and come up with not only areas I could improve on my current business activities, but also a host of ideas for me to reinvigorate my business and help drive my business forward for the coming year. I would highly recommend a Business Buddy session with Jan for not only new businesses but also more established businesses looking to have a keen, detail-orientated and caring eye cast over the company that they love and want to propel to further success.
Tori, Photographer
I had a consultation with Jan about developing my business. She gave me her clear-sighted advice, which I am now working on. She has helped my re-focus on what is my true expertise and what I need to do to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Its early days, but it gave me the confidence to start to make decisive changes. I would recommend Jan as a business consultant.
Kathy, Garden Designer
Jan takes time to understand where your business is at and where you want it to go. Jan gave me the ‘push’ that I needed to get my business moving in the right direction and it is already paying off.
Karen, Physiotherapist
Jan listens attentively, thinks creatively and shares her insightful knowledge to help you develop your business. She’s a very inspiring and motivating person; she cares about helping people to reach their goals. I’m grateful for her help and happily recommend her services.
Barbara, Social Media
Having had an initial 3 hour consultation on my business with Jan a few months ago, I have now asked her to be my business mentor for a few months to help me with the business side of my Photography work. Jan is not only incredibly professional and efficient but she knows her business, gives excellent advice and also is very supportive and understanding. We all know what we’re selling, but we don’t all know how to run a business. So if you feel a bit lost at sea with the business of running your business, I highly recommend Jan Ibbott to help you.
Rebecca, Photographer
Jan helped me look at my business from a new perspective and I am much more aware of where I want to be and focused. She has so many ideas and I now have a great action plan to implement. Highly recommend and will be returning for an update review. Thank you Jan.
Tracy, Photographer
Having had a very productive Business Buddy session with Jan I feel much more focused on my business and how to drive it forward – just what I needed! As a result, my first task is to rebrand which is already in hand. Thank you Jan.
Liz, Skincare Specialist
Jan Ibbott has offered me business mentoring support both in a networking capacity (at WIBN) and as my Business Buddy business mentor. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional and capable and has helped me think ‘outside the box’ in so many ways as well as helping me to promote and drive my business forward in ways which I had not previously considered. I can highly recommend Jan to anyone who is either starting a new business or who already has an established business but needs some extra support and advice. Thank you Jan!
Anne-Marie, Virtual Assistant
Jan Ibbott has an exacting eye for finding the USP and an original approach for immediate results. Her own USP is an uncanny knack of putting her finger instantly on the pulse of what is currently wanted by the client’s customer base. When you pay for advice that will require both investment of time and money – you want to be sure that it is sound, creative and effective. Jan has the benefit of having created successful companies and at the same time helped many others to do the same. She has a proven and visible track record. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Paula , Bio-Energetics / Stress Management Specialist
Jan is bursting with ideas and insight. I recommend Jan to other business owners to help them identify a vision for their business and plan strategies to move towards that vision. I look forward to working with Jan in the future!
Ellie , Financial Planner
Jan was a great listener and totally dedicated to understanding my business needs. Once this was done, she helped me to identify exactly what I wanted to achieve from your business and together we developed a clear marketing strategy that I have implemented over the past 3 months with great results. Jan is supportive all the way and continues to provide help and encouragement and nudges me in the right direction from time to time. I enjoy working Jan and know I will always come away with something new to help my business. Her generosity and commitment to helping others to succeed and achieve their goals is an admirable quality. Thank you Jan.
Suzy, Business Coach
I highly recommend Jan if you need help to promote your business. She will guide you in details with a professional approach to improve your business.
Lauren , Fear & Phobia Expert
I have employed Jan’s Business Development services on 3 occasions so far. Jan has been able to help me channel my thoughts and focus on what I want to achieve in business, and how I could set about this. She listens well and is a creative thinker thereby stimulating many new ideas to potentially pursue. I would recommend her services, and plan to utilise them myself further.
Claire , Osteopath
Working with Jan is fantastic! She has given me the confidence and support to take things further in my business and try out new ideas. To be able to work with someone of Jan’s knowledge and wealth of experience in business is a must for all budding entrepreneurs out there. I cannot recommend her enough!!
Tracey , Graphic Designer
As founder of WIBN and now a group leader, Jan has a massive amount of drive and creativity and over the years she has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience about how to become more successful in business. In addition, she is very warm and friendly and an excellent motivator. In a nutshell, she is the perfect person to be a Business Buddy.
Frances , Hypnotherapist

95% of my business comes from referrals.

I am proud of my work and can see the visible results in the success of my clients and their business.  The testimonials I receive about my work mean a lot to me, so please allow me to share a few with you….

“Jan helped me bring clarity”

“I feel much more focused on my business and how to drive it forward”

“An original approach for immediate results”

“Jan has a proven and visible track record”

“The task list was easy to follow – I use it even now, a year later, to keep me on track”

“Jan takes time to understand”

“3 hours with Jan was a game changer”

“Clear-sighted advice”

“Dedicated to understanding my business”

“I cannot recommend her enough!”

“Jan is the perfect person to be a Business Buddy”