Telemarketing for your business

Telemarketing – Do you love it or hate it?

Telemarketing is a good way to reach new customers, but not if you hate doing it!

Following a conversation today with the owner of a network marketing business, she told me she dreads Telemarketing (or Cold Calling) and will put it off whenever she can.

It prompted me to wonder why we dread speaking to strangers about our business on the telephone. Is it that we feel we are intruding into their private world without an invitation? Are we being perceived as ‘pushy’? Perhaps it is our fear of rejection? Whichever view, it’s hard to overcome the fear of picking up the phone and making that all important telephone call.

It’s a numbers game…
I am a great believer that often it’s a numbers game and the more calls you make, the sooner you will hear a ‘YES’.

We are often bombarded with unsolicited calls every day (I know I am) and it irritates us that these companies are intruding and wasting our valuable time. At the end of the day the people calling us are only doing their job, so I am never rude, I just explain it’s not something I wish to buy or hear about.

Would you take it personally?
Is the age of telemarketing dead? Is it easier to approach people online or via email marketing? Would this stop us taking it personally if they unsubscribed rather than said no down the phone (or even hung up on us)?

Sometimes there is no substitute for having a conversation and for the other person to hear your passion and enthusiasm about your business. It is hard to inject this into a newsletter or email.

I think the answer is to really define your target market, make sure you actually have something they want (but they just don’t realise it yet).

A change of mindset
Once you have been brave enough to pick up the phone and make the call, it’s simply about having a nice conversation and not about selling. Don’t try to be too chummy when you don’t know the other person, just be polite, enthused and upfront. Get to the point quickly (after you have asked them if they have time to speak) and ask if it is OK to call back later if they are currently busy.

So, if Telemarketing is part of your business model you will either need to embrace it, learn some good techniques, define your target market so that you call the right type of person and get lot’s of ‘yes’s’ or give up and find another way to reach them!