Mentoring is a relationship between an experienced person and a less experienced person. The more experienced person shares their knowledge and valuable experience through support, wisdom and hindsight. Mentors will answer the questions from their protégés with business information that they will need to succeed in reaching their goals. The mentor will motivate, increase the confidence and self esteem of the mentee, impart personal wisdom and often offer a form of counselling, as mentees advance on their business journey.

Every entrepreneur should consider engaging a business mentor — someone who’s been down that road before and can share their wisdom on an ongoing basis.

Friends and family, the internet and business books can all provide information that you would need to run a business but in isolation each piece of information does not help to bind the whole business together. Friends and family cannot always fully appreciate what you are experiencing or feeling about your business if they have never owned a business before.

Although networking contacts can share their expert knowledge with you regarding particular situations in business, only a mentor can truly share wisdom with you (on an ongoing basis) that will help you to build your business as a quicker process, than if you decided to go it alone!

I offer business mentoring which is a great way for a new business start up to get a head start. It helps them avoid the pitfalls and unnecessary spending incurred by many new businesses at the beginning of the start up process when they are eager to market themselves. Overspending in the early days can have a fatal affect on cash flow and set a new business back a long way in terms of confidence to spend again, which they will need to do, to continue to grow their business!

They have the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas and discuss anything that needs immediate objective input, to keep their business on track. This is essential in the early stages of any new business.

Many of my clients continue to use me as their mentor long after their initial business development session with me. They may use my services for one or two months or even develop into an ongoing business relationship. Many of my mentees are experienced business owners who like to meet periodically for brainstorming sessions to refresh their own thinking.

Mentoring is a great way for a business to stay in touch, become accountable, share successes and also share the lows. I like to motivate and inspire my clients to succeed and this is vital to their confidence if they operate their business alone.

If a mentoring programme would suit you, please call me to discuss.