What do I do?

An analogy: Imagine me as your mechanic. You bring your business to me (which in this case we’ll say is your car) because it’s not running smoothly.

I lift the bonnet and look at the engine. I take a good look, tinker around and find the problem.

Think of the business income as the fuel. Without fuel the car will not move. It stays on the drive! A business is a hobby if it does not make money.

You need more oil!

Imagine the target market as the Oil. This is the lifeblood of the engine. If there is not enough oil the engine it will eventually seize and the car will not go anywhere. It could damage the engine and possibly write off the car! That could be your business!

Bringing your business to me is like taking your car for a service. I check the spark plugs to make sure all cylinders are firing correctly otherwise the car will not run smoothly. I am good at identifying misfiring, so if it’s a faulty spark plug, I will advise you which one to change.

Clean the windscreen

Unsure of where you want your business to go? Imagine the vision as the screen wash.
I can help with this. If the screen wash levels are low you cannot see through the dirty windscreen and may have a crash.

I make sure you have a clean windscreen so that you can see the road ahead clearly and can avoid lumps and bumps in the road which may derail the car.

Lastly the tyres! Imagine the tyres as YOU. If the tyres are not inflated they become flat and the journey becomes hard and lumpy.

Inflate those Tyres!

I can help you, the business owner, to inflate the enthusiasm and passion you have for your business because a car that drives well, is road worthy and ready to go the distance. You are the driver of the car.

In real terms I help with advice:

Strategy (helping to shape a business)
Business Model (is it right, is it scalable and does it make money)
Business Planning
Target Market (identifying niche or new markets)
Marketing (are you choosing the correct channels to market your business)
Motivation (once the business has a plan the owner can get their passion and oomph back)
Kick up the backside (I see your business differently from how you see it – you may need a complete kick up the backside to see what you really have, and how you can improve it)

When do businesses normally come to see me?

When they are first starting out – they want to ensure that the start up process is done correctly to save any expensive mistakes later or maybe want to prevent wasting valuable time and energy focusing on all the wrong things!

Stuck at the cross road

They’re not sure which way to turn – maybe they go back to full time employment or carry on and make a success of their business. They are unsure how to handle it alone.

Running a successful business already What are their options? How do they move it forward, change direction or even exit!

Please Remember: I give advice. I do not get into the business with you as a hands-on resource. That is your job as the business owner, to push your business forward. But I can however, continue to advise you as a ongoing process (either as business mentoring or additional business advice sessions).

I work with a team of good people who can do the stuff you cannot whether due to the lack of skills or expertise (i.e designers and branding specialists, website developers, social media professionals etc).

Need help with your business? Please give me a call for a no obligation chat to see if I can help you.