This blog is about putting your business in the Hot Seat - spending one hour solely discussing your business.

The Hot Seat – for focus and growth

The Hot Seat

I want to work with so many more owners of small businesses that I decided to introduce a new service called ‘The Hot Seat’. ‘The Hot Seat’ gives you the opportunity to sit down and discuss your business with me, intensively, for one hour for only £75.

A Sounding Board for Bright Ideas

It will be an hour solely focusing on your business, to brainstorm new ideas or challenges, talk about marketing or use me as a sounding board for your latest bright ideas or business aspirations.

Benefit from my experience as a successful ‘Brand Creator’, by tapping into my experience of advising and mentoring countless business women since 2005. Use MY skills to plug the gap in your own!

Propel Your Business Forward..

Working with an experienced Business Development Consultant can really help propel your business forward. Even a one hour session will help it along. We will talk ‘top level’ to ensure that you see the bigger picture (which many owners of small business seem to miss) or use the time to drill down into detail.
After an hour together you will gain a different perspective, see your issue with more clarity, open your mind to new ways of thinking but more importantly, regain your motivation to take your business up a notch.

Book Now – what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to ramp it up? Book a session in ‘The Hot Seat’ for only £75 and let’s start working together now to give your business the renewed energy and input it deserves.

Please contact me for more details.