A blog about finding a Business Idea that can become a business.

Looking for a bright idea to start a business?

Business Ideas

Have you spent a big chunk of your life trying to think up a really good business idea only to think, nah, that won’t work?

Some of the millionaires today were probably surprised by their success and I am sure they did not set out to become one, but found a really good (simple) idea that worked and fulfilled a need by the customer, consumer or client.

Skills, Passions and Talents

Firstly assess your skills, talents, passions. What type of business could you create from those?  Does your hobby lend itself to becoming a money making enterprise?
Look around you, what is missing that would make life easier for you? Now I am not saying start inventing products (that is a whole new ball game) but what could you sell or make, that would be needed by other people like you.

Get Online

Perhaps start an online business – you only need a well designed and developed website along with your service or product that you wish to sell. Perhaps writing is a skill? Think how you might monetize that online.  How about gardening, making things, re-cycling stuff (perhaps set up an E-Bay shop). The list is endless.

Talking of Lists….

Sit down and write a list of all the things that you have a passion for (because believe me, you will find it hard to run a successful business if you cannot get excited about it yourself). Talk to others because although it’s not obvious to you it may be to somebody that knows you well!  Don’t rush it. The best ideas come to you when your mind is relaxed and creative.

Don’t re-invent the Wheel

There are many ready made businesses available (franchises). Take a look at what is on offer and if you find you really like, think about if you have what it takes to do it yourself rather than buy into another persons business.
Maybe think about joining forces with a friend who has a similar dream to you. Brainstorm ideas together, after all two heads are better than one.


When you have your ‘Eureka’ moment (and I am sure you will) research it well to make sure it can make money from it and it will not become just an expensive hobby.

Brainstorming Business ideas is what I love doing and am good at, so if you are struggling perhaps we can have a formal business meeting to discuss your ideas.

My advice is to keep at it, it is a numbers game! For every 100 ideas you have, one will be a corker!