Thinking of putting your Business For Sale

Business For Sale

Think Big

Do you sometimes sit and daydream and imagine retiring early on your success? Does your imagination drift into the future where the stress and commitment of running a business have gone and your bank balance is looking healthy and robust? Well think big, it can happen! I believe that if you have big aspirations for your business and plan for your future success, you can get there.

Business for Sale – Exit Strategy

Have you ever seriously considered your exit strategy? What are your future options? Do you want to change the direction of your life?

Could you build a business that can grow into something big and valuable and then sell it? Seriously don’t a laugh, it can be done.

Not everybody wants to create a business that can be handed down to their children (maybe your children are not interested in getting involved in a family run business). Maybe you have set it up with the single minded vision to one day be able to say you have a ‘Business for Sale’.

There are lots of considerations when thinking about selling a business. Do you have a buyer in mind? Have you had an offer? Do you have staff to consider? Have you had your business valued? Have you created it as a separate entity to you (so that you can sell it as a going concern and not just a database of client or customers data). Offering a business for sale is not straight forward, but it is exciting.

Perhaps life events mean that you do not want to continue on the same road, so you need to plan how to deviate from your current journey and find a way out.

Are you wedded to your business

Many entrepreneurs are not wedded to their business emotionally and usually set them up with the sole purpose of creating something successful, offering their business for sale, selling it and moving on to the next project.

Are you emotionally involved?

Are you working your socks off to create a better life and lifestyle for yourself and this is part of your master plan?

What floats your boat?

Each individual business owner is motivated by different factors such as money, success, ego (to name a few) but nearly all want to achieve something BIG with their talents and skills.

Daydream hard, make it a reality and then put up the sign that says ‘Business For Sale’.