First of all let me say; I am a Business Advisor and not a Business Coach

I am a Business Advisor not a Business Coach. People can get confused about this. Being a Coach is very different to being a Business Advisor . Business Coaching is about transformation not information. The role of a Business Coach is to coach the business owner through their guidance, support, accountability and encouragement. A coach will find out what you feel you need to do or change about your behaviour to push your business forward. Coaching is ‘non directive’. I am a Business Advisor and Business Strategist. I help you make changes to improve, develop and move your business forward which is a ‘directive’ approach.

Creating a Business Strategy

I work with you creating a 5 year business strategy. Typically a half day session. I work with clients longer term if they wish for more accountability. Subsequent sessions can be booked, if you need them. No tie-ins, no contract. Your choice, your pace. This can follow working together at the initial business strategy session. Small businesses operate on limited funds, a half day strategy session ensures they get off to a great start!

Depending on the particular needs of my client, will determine what they need from me and what is needed for their business.

Typically my clients need help:

  • To identify if they are spending too much time loss making initiatives
  • Help identify a potential untapped market
  • New ideas to give their business an ‘edge’ over the competition
  • Mentoring – providing ongoing ad hoc telephone or face to face support
  • Brand Guidance
  • Help to shape their business model to become more successful
  • Overview of their branding – demonstrate where improvements can be made
  • Exit strategies
  • Advice on how to scale a business
  • Creating bespoke ‘packaged’ products or services for their clients /customers

This gives a flavour of the common challenges I help.  I am a specialist working and supporting women in business. 95% of my business comes from referrals. If you feel that we could work together, please give me a call.