First of all let me say; I am a Business Advisor not a Coach

I am a Business Advisor not a coach. Coaching is very different to being a Business Advisor . Business Coaching is about transformation not information. The role of a Business Coach is to coach business owners through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement. A coach will talk with you to find out what you feel you need to do or change about your behaviour to push your business forward. Coaching is ‘non directive’. I am a Business Development Consultant (Business Advisor). I listen to your current situation and then offer advice on how to make changes to improve, develop and move forward which is ‘directive’.

Creating a Business Strategy

A one day session is all that is needed to create a 5 year business strategy. I work with clients longer term too (as and when is needed by them after our Business Development Day). Many small businesses are operating on limited funds, so a ‘one off’ session with a solid, do-able and easy to follow strategy, is essential.

Depending on the particular needs of my client, will determine what they need from me and what is needed for their business.

Typically my clients need help:

  • To recognise loss making initiatives
  • Identify potential untapped market
  • New Marketing Ideas
  • Mentoring
  • Brand Guidance (particularly new Start Ups)
  • Help shaping their business model to be successful
  • Digital Marketing overview (making sure they are online and active)
  • Overview of Brand Identity /Business Name /Logo
  • Filtering out distractions that steal their time and energy
  • Advice on how to create a business model that is sustainable and replicable for franchising or licencing
  • Creating ‘packaged’ product or services for their clients /customers

The list above is by no mean exhaustive but will give an indication of what is available depending on the business needs. I am a specialist working and supporting women owned businesses (but not exclusively).  90% of my business comes from referrals. If you feel that we could work together, give me a call.