Business brainstormingWorking Organically

Every business has a different set of circumstances and challenges. Therefore the service required for each business may be different (please see my services page). Let me tell you how I work.

I work organically. I do not offer a one size fits all approach.

Of course there are often commonalities between clients, but I prefer not to be briefed before we meet. I work best when I think and react directly, on the day, during our time together, to the challenges experienced at that time. I will delve, challenge the current approach and ask lots of questions, getting under the skin of the business, to reach to the core issues.

1-2-1 Business Basis

From our conversation on the day of our session, the solution/s will become obvious, to move your business forward or further develop your growing brand. I work with the business owner on a 1-2-1 basis.

Many businesses find that one session may be enough to ‘kick start’ their business with new and fresh ideas and valuable input whilst other clients may prefer to work with me on an ongoing and longer term basis.

These clients like to use my experience and skills to mentor them, stay connected and be able to review their results and successes regularly.

Impartial and Objective Input

I work with businesses of all ages including pre-start ups (those with a new business idea that want to minimise making expensive mistakes), Start Ups, New Businesses under 5 years old and older more established businesses. Most businesses will require impartial and objective input at some stage during their development.

When the business owner is serious about their business, they seek help. Sometimes a brainstorming session helps the owner to make sense of their worries, ideas and aspirations.