I sell solutions!

What type of solutions? Solutions to help you refine your business model, solutions to the worries that keep you awake at night, solutions to your lack of creative thinking, solutions on how to package your services to new or existing clients, solutions which help pull together your aspirations for your business and create a sensible business strategy, solutions to save you time, energy and money as a new start up business, solutions to keep your business ideas fresh and up to date! I am a solutions orientated adviser who is also a creative thinker. I give practical, easy to implement business solutions, which will help streamline your business or take it in a new and exciting direction.

I work with women like you

My typical client will fall into one of the following 3 categories:

1) An budding entrepreneur who has a bright idea but lacks the business skills needed to shape it into a successful business.
2) A new start up business (usually under 3 years old) who may not be as far forward as they had hoped and need some guidance to be able to jump over the brick wall that they seem to have hit!
3) An established business owner who is stuck in a rut doing the same old stuff, getting the same old results, but now thinks it’s time to change and seek professional help.

I am a specialist working with Women in Business

I’m a Business Development Consultant (Business Advisor) based in Essex but also working with clients in Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North /North West London.

Business Buddy was founded in 2012 as a result of my combination of people and marketing skills and my unique experience working with, talking to, and mentoring, women business owners since 2005.

As a result of my own networking activities, I was presented with an opportunity to create a new business in 2005 which offered women business owners, facilitated business networking. I founded The Women in Business Network (WIBN).

Over the years I developed and refined the WIBN business model. I expanded it via franchising, offering other women a chance to run a tried and tested business offering business networking to their local female business community. It was a great way to support their primary business, but most importantly, create a platform for local business women to meet and exchange business referrals, share ideas and make valuable connections.

Selling a business – WIBN

I sold the WIBN business in 2011 but have stayed involved operating and leading 8 WIBN groups myself, each month. This ensures that I am in constant contact with 100+ women business owners every month. I hear their concerns first hand and help them with issues that they cannot resolve on their own.  I too run my own micro business (Business Buddy) so can appreciate fully how hard it is to set up a new business, create a ‘brand’ rather than just a business but more importantly how to get it noticed online and offline. In isolation all of these things are relatively easy but the key is pulling them all together to make a business work. It is essential to the future success of a business to create a sustainable long term plan of growth and development using many different marketing ideas and solutions. This is where I can help. I love the fact that I work at grass root level so can identify with my client challenges when running their own business.

My approach is friendly, caring and empathetic.

I am an established professional business owner who is passionate about helping others to create a successful business, a business that they can be proud of.  I want to help them achieve this without making expensive and unnecessary mistakes. Often the lack of planning to create a solid strategy can stall a business’s growth or development, particularly in the early stages. I really enjoy being part of their journey to success.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I have plenty of it! Over the years I have encountered many business issues myself that were either costly or lack of knowledge (at the time) but I can now use this to prevent others doing the same. I can identify and empathise with the day to day concerns and issues that may worry a new or fledgling business.

If you think we can work together, give me a call, for a no obligation chat.