Business Buddy is a Business Development Consultancy

Business Buddy offers sensible, practical and straight forward advice to owners of micro and small businesses. Starting out with your new venture is an exciting but scary time but your vision to succeed is the motivating factor to give it a go.

Of course you want to build a business that you can be proud of, but without experiencing the unnecessary and often expensive mistakes made by many small businesses in the early days!

Working with a Business Adviser will minimise these risks.  All new businesses would greatly increase their chance of success and survival, by planning the execution of their new enterprise carefully and thoroughly before launching, and with help.

More experienced business owners need help too! If a business has stalled it can be a worrying time.  If this happens, it’s the time to seek outside and objective input & seek a new direction, to be able to continue to push it forward and achieve great things.

Don’t go it alone, work with Business Buddy. Please give me a call for an informal chat.